Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Character Pucks

                     The Puck Hog goals for the classroom






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Friday, February 7, 2014

Roy Austin Mite Festival in Rome

From hockey mom Kristen Fleet Haag

So many exciting things in store for our 17th Annual Roy Austin Mite Festival - the biggest in RYHA History! Christie Casciano Burns, news anchor and author of The Puck Hog series, will have a table set up on Saturday from 9-12. A wonderful series for your little Mite readers - trust me - from a mom who's son is not a fan of reading - he asks to read these books every night!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Youth Hockey Myths

Youth Hockey Myths

  by Caroline Stanistreet

When asked to write my next blog for Christie, I pondered over a few topics she suggested. When I chose to write about hockey myths, I felt that a “Chicken Soup” – format would make it more interesting……you know, all those books in which other people shared their stories and thoughts. So, I consulted with fellow hockey moms and dads, former coaches and players (even from as far away as Florida) and they came up with some good myths, and their take on “just
the facts.”

Not only was this a Chicken Soup endeavor, this was also a “Top Ten” format, so I have David Letterman to thank for that!  Read through and see if this season any of these myths have come true for you
(especially the #1 Myth)…

10. Early ice times always
    Fact: just when you’re young, or in a tournament

9. Costly equipment and a huge financial commitment
      Fact: hand-me-downs (except skates) are always available, and most teams do fundraising to offset costs. And, as I’ve said in previous blogs – Please, please, CAR POOL!!! Gas prices, hello?

8. No time for anything else 6 months out of the year
      Fact: a couple of weeknight practices and a few hours on weekends,
but if your kid loves hockey, is there really anything else he’d rather be

7. The smell is ever-present
Fact: Yes, sadly, but after a few years one gets used to it

6. Hockey parents are not nice and helpful
      Fact: Most parents we’ve all dealt with over the years are
fantastic, but there will always be that one dad who berates his child while
he’s playing, or that one mom who thinks her child is the only one on the team

5. All rinks are cold
      Fact: most rinks are cold. Period. (sorry)


  4. Too many injuries

Fact: Thanks to modern technology in equipment, injuries seem less frequent than ever before. However, it’s hard to avoid the kid who’s at the peak of his growth spurt and decides to do an illegal check from behind. Your coach’s instructions on checking and your child’s ability to listen and learn
to practice and implement techniques are the key.

3. It's important for my kid to score rather than skate
      Fact: Everyone likes his or her kid to score, obviously. You can only hope his or her skating and stick-handling skills will develop as he or she does

2. The Mom sitting next to me is still my best friend, even after my kid scored 3 goals and her kid scored none
      Fact: There may be a little tension, but hey, like USA Hockey
likes to stress – “Relax, it’s just a game!”
My kid may not do so well in the next game and her kid might, you just
never know with this sport

1. My kid is going to play in the NHL
     Fact: No (sorry again) But that’s the reality of it, folks… and yes, there are some local exceptions like Dustin Brown and Jimmy Howard, but out
of the countless thousands of kids who play, the odds are extremely slim! High school? Possibly. College? Very slight chance, but a lot more likely than turning pro!      

                                                                              Perhaps you (or Christie) have some myths of your own, I’d love to hear them!