Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hockey Mom Snack Bar Queen


By Caroline Stanistreet

Dedicated to all the Hockey Rink Snack Bar Parents out there

(To be sung to the tune “Dancing Queen,” by Abba – yes, you ALL know it!)

Friday night and the grill is hot
Lookin’ at all the coffee pots
Ooooh-Whippin up the Slushees
Poppin up some ‘corn

You’re in the mood for snacks

Anybody could be that girl
Night is young and her hair will curl
Due to heat from the heat lamps
Keeping it all hot

You’re in the mood for snacks

And when you get the chance
You are the Snack Bar Queen
Rarely seen
By your hockey teen
Snack Bar Queen
Feel the cold
From that ice machine, oh yeah!!

You make change
But you can’t add
Oh – having some trouble with math
Ooooh…be that kid
Who will help
With The Snack Bar Queen

Teams are done and off the ice
Pizza’s warm, let’s have a slice
How ‘bout a drink then?
Powerade? Soda?
Or just an orange juice?

Chocolate and Skittles dominate
Push pops you really…… HAAATE
Way too sticky for your taste
You would rather have

A frappucino right about now!

But you are The Snack Bar Queen
Where’s that Zamboni machine?
Snack Bar Queen
Time to Clean
Off the grill so mean, oh yeah!

Nacho sauce
Must get tossed
Hav-ing-the-goo-on-your hands
See that soap
Don’t you mope

You are The Snack Bar Queen