About the Illustrator

Rose Mary Casciano Moziak is an advertising designer for Spirit and Sanzone Distributors and a freelance artist.  She received a Bachelor of Find Arts degree from Syracuse University.  Rose Mary lives in Fayetteville, New York, with her husband Don and two sons, Christopher and Daniel.

Rose Mary is also the sister of local news anchor Christie Casciano. The sister team recently completed and published a children’s book called The Puck Hog, written by Casciano and illustrated by Moziak.

Rose Mary's artwork from The Puck Hog was selected as the opening exhibit for The Art Store located at 936 Erie Blvd. E. in Syracuse, NY.   The Art Store is a new gallery that gives local artists a chance to display their artwork free of a jury, commissions and fees.  The gallery is helping to advance the movement to promote the arts in Syracuse

“It’s an opportunity for people of different {artistic skill} levels, who might not have the opportunity, to show it here,” said George Ross, director of operations.

“The kickoff was to call attention to the gallery, so we elected to show someone who was already known,” Ross said. “And Moziak had the opportunity to show some work leading up to the completion of the book.”

“We were just looking to get more involved with the community and with artists of all ages,” Ross said, “and to do something different.”
In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, author Christie Casciano and illustrator Rose Mary Moziak were invited by Colgate Bookstore to discuss and sign copies of their book The Puck Hog, about a co-ed youth hockey team with a selfish teammate.

Children of all ages, as well as adults have enjoyed the informative and educational presentations made by Rose Mary and Christie.