Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2013-14 Season of Hard work and fun

2013-2014 Season of hard work and fun

It's not every year you can look back at the hockey season and say THAT was fun. This season worked in so many ways. We were fortunate to be with great parents, coaches and kids who worked hard all season to improve. The season ended on a sweet note with  back to back tournament wins and good memories. Thanks kids!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Test Your Hockey IQ

As seen in the March issue of USA Hockey Magazine!


So your little hockey players think they know more about the game than you do?  Give them a mental hip check with these fun hockey trivia questions, based on the terrific book  “The Rookie Hockey Mom,” by Melissa Walsh.

1,The first US- born NHL player was:
 a) Mike Eruzione b) Billy Burch  c) Chubby “Checker”    d) Charlie Conway   

2. Youth hockey teams average how many players?
a) 8 -10  b) 12-15   c) 14-17  d) 17-25  

3.  During the mid-nineteenth century, the game had several names. In addition to wicket, the game was also known as:
a) break-shins b) blade runner c) slippery disc d) pond lacrosse

4. A goal, an assist and a fight in the same game is also known as:
a) Toothless Trifecta
b) Three Amigos
c) Gordy Howe Hat Trick
d) Putting the biscuit in the basket

5. She “got the biscuit in the basket, five hole” means:
a) She left a snack in her helmet
b) She shot the puck out of bounds and into a spectator’s lunch container
c) She scored a goal and got the puck through the goalie’s pads
d) She left the ice for the fifth time to eat between periods

6. Another name for a hockey stick is:
a) twig
b) widow maker
c) woodwind
d) wand

7. The penalty for checking with excessive speed is called.
a) forgery
b) bankruptcy
c) Christmas shopping
d) charging

8 What do you call a hockey player who gives 100 percent to the team?
a )grinder
b) mercenary
c) martyr
d) coach’s kid

9 How do you spot a true hockey mom?
a) When a truck passes by, her one year old points and says “Zamboni”
b) When asked how old her children are, she responds with birth years instead of ages
c) She brags to other parents how she dangled and deked her way to the checkout line
d) all of the above  

10 The Hockey Parent Commandments include ?
a) Cheer for all players as thou would have others cheer for thine own
b) Thou shalt not throw things
c) Though shalt respect the core spirit of the sport: Fun
d) All of the above

11 It's mean to refer to a kid as a "duster." True or False?.
( True.  Like "bender," a player would be very hurt to hear his team mates call him this. It refers to a player lacking skill.)

12 "Headman" is a noun. True or False?

13  If a player "delivers a pizza," his coach is happy. True or False?

Check your answers by clicking on the link to page 8 of the March issue of USA Hockey Magazine.   

This quiz was just for fun and I hope you enjoyed it.  The real test is of our ability to help our young hockey players build character while creating positive, lasting memories. When that happens, everybody puts the biscuit in the basket through the five hole.

Syracuse, N.Y.  hockey mom Christie Casciano Burns is the author of The Puck Hog and Haunted Hockey in Lake Placid, order your autographed copy by clicking the link to the right!  

Her final moments playing with the boys (+playlist)


Monday, March 10, 2014

How Puck Hogs Change Hockey Team Dynamics | BEYONDtheCheers

How Puck Hogs Change Hockey Team Dynamics | BEYONDtheCheers

Hockey is Whine-ding Down

by guest blogger Caroline Stanistreet

I think that everyone I’ve talked to in the past few weeks is complaining, whining and whimpering about the severe weather we’ve experienced this season. 

All of you hockey moms (and dads, of course) have had the joy this year to drive your kids to the rinks in the worst conditions possible, and have had to shiver in some bitter cold rinks to support your player during games.  My guess is that many of those rinks have broken heaters or perhaps a small warming area or lobbies that don't feel quite warm enough! Meanwhile, your child probably spent some time changing into his equipment in a locker room with no heat, and then playing, and then literally thawing out after the game with some hot chocolate or soup. 
A fun experience?
No way.

Well, I let my dogs out last night and while they did what they needed to do, I looked up at the clear sky, the thousands of brilliant stars, the serenity of it all, then said to myself, hey, things aren’t so bad in life!

Yes, it’s cold, and snowy, and cold again, but I’ve decided that with spring approaching (sometime, somehow!), we should make this month of March…wait for it…
                             Hockey Mom (and Dad) Appreciation Month!  Yippee!


Consider these points, then see if you can release some – or all – of the whining from your system:
·        Your child stayed healthy enough this year to play hockey and to finish out the season…and I mean NO flu, NO broken bones and especially –
                                                           NO concussions

·        Your player likely skated 3, 4, 5 or 6 times per week and was still able to finish his homework and maintain a decent scholastic average

·        Your family was able to afford the following:      
            -- Equipment…how about that larger pair of skates or a replacement stick    mid-year?
            -- Gas…especially if you’ve read my previous blogs, I’ll say no more about     that, except Cha-Ching!
            --Trips to tournaments, including hotel rooms, meals and “incidentals” --  like that cocktail or three you really needed after that overtime championship game?

·        During those trips, you may have had the opportunity to see family or friends you wouldn’t normally see.

·        He or she had something to do almost every weekend, and not sit around and complain that there was nothing to do during the winter doldrums

·        Your child secured new friends and maintained the old ones, and maybe as a parent, you made some new friends too

·        Your kid might have had a tremendous improvement in his game, be it defensively, scoring goals and assists, getting his or her first shutout,  hat trick or MVP award.

·        Your kid stayed in reasonable shape for the next sport he or she may play in the spring, be it lacrosse, golf, baseball, or track 

·        If  you’re a younger parent, you get to enjoy this all over again next year, where many of us “old” parents might have had our final year of youth hockey.


So, moms, dads, kids, let’s appreciate this hockey season for the memories it brought. And as for our winter, it is what it is in our part of the world.  Things could be a lot worse, although I will admit it couldn’t have been much colder this year!! And look forward to spring – it IS coming, from what I hear…

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