Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Setting Goals for the New Season

              Setting Goals For The Season For Your Player, And Yourself  

    This season I promise not to yell “shooot” so much and say “I love watching you play” a lot more. I promise to ignore the hot heads and keenly watch my daughter’s cool moves.

   I will step up and raise more money and cut down on chirping at the ref. The list goes on. That’s what I love about a new season.  Like a freshly resurfaced sheet of ice, we get the chance to erase bumps, rough patches and breakaway from past mistakes.

      I’ve also noticed more than a few moms and dads in the stands looking up between text messages and Facebook feeds,  swiping, scrolling, reading while son or daughter is passing, scoring and making saves. Do you notice your smartphone’s ping before a ref’s whistle? Don’t think your kids don’t notice.  #HockeyParentFail 
   So this season, let’s it’s time to put down the phones and video cameras and pick up our heads. As my friend Sharon Enk, AKA Puckgal wisely notes,  playback is never as good as the real thing.