Friday, November 13, 2009

Crunch for Another Decade

It's a done deal and let's celebrate! A new lease has been signed and that means we get to enjoy ten more years of Syracuse Crunch games at the downtown War Memorial. Good news for all of us hockey fans and for youth hockey. Crunch night experiences have long delivered some of the best memories for our kids. An afternoon youth hockey game, followed by a pizza party downstairs and a Kodak moment with Al. The hurried uniformed parade up the stairs to take over a section in the stands leaves little time to sit back , relax and enjoy the game. You've got to gather the kids, parade them back down the stairs to suit and lace them up. It never fails. With just a few minutes to spare, nature calls. You asked them how many times before they got all of their gear on? Any frantic moments quickly give way to feelings of pride and excitement as the kids take to the ice and skate between the periods. Then you hear it. The cheers from what sounds like an NHL-sized crowd. They're cheering for our kids. There they are. On the grand ice and giving the crowd plenty of reason to cheer. Memories that last a lifetime for you and for your youth hockey player. Here's to ten more memorable years.

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