Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Stand'outs in the Stands

While I'm often cheering for the little miracles our mites perform every weekend on the ice, this time I have to put the spotlight on the parents in the stands. I was proud to be among the group of moms and dads who, after our team scored more than four goals, and the other team was clearly struggling, the chants, cheers and shouts in the stands became more subdued....like golf claps. It was classy. Even though our kids held that remarkable lead and we were thrilled, we tempered our enthusiasm because we know all too well what it's like to be that other team. Just a few weeks back when our kids were getting creamed and it was so painfully reflected on the scoreboard, we were on the receiving end of the cheers from some pretty obnoxious parents. I will never forget how it made us all feel when the gloating parents from the other team cheered relentlessly for each and every goal (so many I think we lost count) even though we couldn't get a single one in the net. Okay, your kids are good. We get it. Yuck. Just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. While we savored the sweet taste of victory, we tried not to make it bitter for the other guys. Score one for the parents!

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