Thursday, March 4, 2010

Breaking it Down

Chalk Talk Lingo for Little ones

by Lauren & Mike Carni (mite hockey mom/dad)

Off-sides, icing and zones can be pretty big concepts for little ones to grasp. Even as adults, we often catch ourselves scratching our heads after a ref's call. Oh, was that off-sides? Dr. Chris Santay's unique chalk talk style has everybody at the rink talking about his break-it-down-to their level approach. Using analogies and fictitious characters, he explains some complicated rules in a fun and engaging way. There's the big, giant defensman and knowing when to hit the puck "out the window!!" These youngsters are just learning how to read and write and thanks to coach Santay, they're already far ahead of many of us when it comes to understanding the many rules of hockey.

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