Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Puck Hog Goals

 It's an anxious time for me, waiting for The Puck Hog to be available to young readers and parents.  The edited manuscript and artwork have been shipped off to the printer, and North Country Books predicts it will be another four to six weeks before the book will be in stores and on the shelves.
   So what inspired me to write the children's book?  Children.  If you've ever watched a youth hockey game, then you know and you've seen the passion these kids have for this sport.  I want to tap into that passion for sports... and get our children passionate about reading!  Hog books...not pucks!
   Then there's the other goal of getting kids to think about how they play the game.  Teamwork. Caring about your teammates.  Unselfish acts, like passing the puck to someone who hasn't experienced the thrill of scoring a goal.  How do you deal with the puck hog on the team?  There are so many opportunities for our kids to develop character, as well as skills.  Good coaching and level headed parents play key roles.  I think the kids will relate to this story.  There are no magic hockey sticks or helmets.  It's real life drama and who knows, maybe it will lead to a few more drama-free hockey seasons!      

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