Monday, February 7, 2011

From The Puck Hog Art & Letter Gallery

More Awesome Art and Letters from students at Holy Cross School 

"Now I know what a tape to tape pass is!"


"Your book was delightful.  I loved how you turned a non-fiction scene to a fiction children's story.  Every one loved your book.  You are a great writer!
You have inspired me to even write more.  I have been writing my own little stories for six years.  I love how you made the moral of the story, 'teamwork.'  Your sister is a great artist.  A wonderful book, I noticed, can be made by anybody.  Someday, you will be famous!"
                 Cordially yours,

" Thank you very much for coming to our school.  By hearing only a little bit of your book, I could already tell it was a great book.  I am also a hockey player.  I have also experienced puck hogs in my life.  I think that the book sets an awesome example.  Thanks!!!"

"Thank you for coming to our school.  I was really interested. Your book is incredible.  I still think you are only 24.  I think the concept is good.
    Your admirer,

Thanks Daniel.  I feel no older than 24!! 
   Your young-at-heart fan,

" I loved your book about hockey.  What was one of the best hockey books I have read.  Thank you for coming to Holy Cross School.  I enjoyed your book very much.

"Thank you for coming to Holy Cross School to share your new book The Puck Hog.  Before you read the book to us, I knew nothing about hockey.  But now I know a good amount.  The Puck Hog is a good story to influence kids to increase teamwork in the classroom and out.  What inspired me is that you followed your dream of becoming a children's book author.  Tell your sister that she does a great job on the illustrations."

Thank you for coming to tell us about your book.  It's awesome.  I really like how you made a book with a great morals, but fun too.  You really taught me that if you have a goal reach for it.  Your goal was writing.  Mine is making it to championships in swimming.  I have an idea for your next book.  So Eddie the Puck Hog starts passing, but only to Sophia.  So everybody on the team now thinks Sophia is the new puck hog.  I hope you like the start!

Thank you for coming to our school!  It was very kind of you.  I would never have known what a tape to tape pass is, if you never taught us.  Hockey is pretty interesting now that I know more about it from your book.  I hope to learn more!"
 Julia F.

" Thank you for visiting our school.  I really liked your new book, The Puck Hog.  It was really cool when Eddie thought he would become the team captian, because he scored the winning goal, but Sophia actually ended up being the captain.  You taught me a lot about hockey that I didn't know.  Such as a tape to tape pass.  I thought that having a hockey dictionary in the back was a great idea too!"
    Happy Holidays!

" Thank you for encouragine me and my freinds to follow our dreams.  You seem like a very successful person and you enjoy your job.  I hope to one day be successful too.

" Your book is awesome!  It was amazingly descriptive.  The pictures were extremely detailed as well.  You've inspired me to finish my story I am writing!"

Great art. Great ideas!  Keep writing and keep reading kids!

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