Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Syracuse Stampede Junior Hockey team

Article submitted by Hockey Mom, Tammy Vivlamore

New Team for 20U
Looking for something fun and inexpensive to do with your kids this winter?  Can’t get enough hockey?  Maybe you should check out the Syracuse Stampede Junior Hockey team.  A junior hockey team is a team comprised of players between the ages of 15 to 20 years of age. The purpose of this hockey program is to promote players to colleges and higher level teams. The benefit to the average person is a fun, exciting family event.  You never know when one these players could be the next NHL draftee, local business owner, or teacher (just to name a few future possibilities.)
Coaches with Experience
Head Coach/Owner Mike Beavis, a resident of Mexico, has been involved with local hockey since 1993. He has coached in several junior programs over the past 18 years. Before that he was involved in youth hockey, spending 10 years with associations in MA, CT, and NY.  He is also a coach with Selects Hockey Inc. Coach Beavis operates the Cougar’s Selects training branch with Utica College Head Coach Gary Heenan, soon to be run out of Greater Baldwinsville Ice Arena.
 "Our program is designed to help all its players reach a higher level of play in the future.” stated Beavis. The Stampede is comprised of players between the ages of 15-20 years old and will compete in the Mid Atlantic Division of the IJHL. The team is made up of players not only from CNY but players from Michigan, PA, CT, Ontario Canada and Europe as well. "
Coach Beavis has built relationships throughout North America and Europe that are very interested in becoming involved with his program.  “I have a great support staff going into this, with help available at every level of the game." stated Beavis.  Coach Beavis prides himself on his ability to teach and talk with his players on a one on one basis. Beavis feels that his non political approach to junior hockey and the promotion of his players will be the road to this program’s success

These players will not only be here to play hockey. They will also be out and about helping in the community whenever possible.  Coach Beavis believes that hard work and giving back to the community that supports you are keys to the future success of these players.

You can come out to support your local favorites like Mike Bay (Baldwinsville), Brandyn Morgan (Auburn), Kevin Niver (Fulton), Anthony Demichele (Whitesboro), and Kyle Williams (Rome). Once you are here you are sure to be wowed by the skating and shooting ability of Finnish players Aki and Ville Virtanen (Stockholm, Sweden) and Swedish players Viktor Lundgren (Stockholm) and Lukas Sundberg (Stockholm).  This season’s roster will be rounded out by players from Western NY, CT, MI, and PA.

Keep in mind that by supporting this team you are helping them as well as future players make and achieve their goals. Colleges and other hockey programs use this venue to find their talent. The players use this program to find their place in the world.
Join the Stampede
The Stampede will begin skating on August 22nd with a one week conditioning camp for its players and will also hold a free agent tryout on the 22nd and 23rd at Greater Baldwinsville Ice Arena.

All their home games and practices will be at Greater Baldwinsville Ice Arena.  Season tickets are on sale now. The cost is $60 for 24 games and the pass is good for one adult and one child 12 or under.   You can find more information including the player roster and game schedule at

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