Thursday, November 3, 2011

Promoting Reading and Teamwork at SASCS

Local News Anchor Promotes Reading and Teamwork While Visiting SASCS Kindergarteners

Christie Casciano, anchor at WSYR-NewsChannel 9, visited SASCS's kindergarten classes to read her children's book, The Puck Hog, on October 14, 2011.

The Puck Hog is about a children's hockey team and what happens when a member of the team is not playing for the team, but for himself. Even though the book is set on the hockey ice, it is more about the benefits of teamwork than one particular sport, Casciano said. Casciano, who was accompanied by her daughter, Sophia, spoke to SASCS kindergarteners about how sports don't only promote athletic skills, but can help build character, too. Sophia also taught our kindergarteners some hockey moves!

In addition to her fun and interactive presentation, Casciano also introduced her program Read More and Score, which she created to encourage children to read.

By: Russell Cox (grade 11)

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