Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Raise Big Bucks with Chuck A Puck!

                                               THE CHUCK A PUCK ADVANTAGE
     Searching for the right team fundraiser, that is hopefully fun and not too taxing, can be taxing enough.  Since my son started playing hockey, our teams have sold... let's see if I can remember them goes; candles, wreaths,  pies, chocolate bars,  jewelry, raffle tickets, flowers, frames, stickers and entertainment books.  We've cooked, baked and crafted.  Plus,  how many of you have repeatedly raided friends and relatives' garages for their bottles and cans?  Didn't round up enough?  Then, you round up the team to make rounds in the neighborhoods and hope the soccer and football teams didn't beat you to the doorsteps.  I know I'm missing a few money raising tactics.  After all these years of hawking,  it's now all a blur.
      We've already done several fundraisers for my daughter's team this year.  Something every team has to do if you want to ease the burden of tournament costs, trophies, and treats.  We did okay with our bake good and food sale at a recent tournament at our rink.  It brought us a couple of hundred dollars closer to our goal. That was worth our time and effort.  As for our Subway sales day?  Not so much.  Great concept. Tell folks lined up at the cash register to mention the team and we get a credit to be turned into cash. Unfortunately folks who were hungry for a sub, just weren't biting.
    The most successful so far this season, and every season for that matter,  has been Chuck A Puck with the Syracuse Crunch.  Last Saturday, our kids suited up in jerseys. Good hearted Crunch fans, who walked by our wide-eyed adorable little hockey players,  couldn't resist their charm and smiles.  $1.00 a puck, 3 bucks for 5 with a chance to win a Tully's gift card.  The Crunch made it easy for us.  They supplied all the soft numbered pucks for fans to toss onto the ice when given the cue, plus the sheets to keep track of puck purchasers. The kids used several different strategies to sell and convince folks to support youth hockey. They were so good, some people handed them money and wanted nothing in return.  The defenseman, forwards and goalie turned out to be a good team of salesman and great representatives of our hockey organization.   At the end of the night, we all had smiles on our faces with a good amount raised and good memories for our kids.  Thank you Syracuse Crunch! I would pick this fundraiser, over picking up bottles and cans any season!   This hockey mom gives Chuck A Puck, an A+ !  

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