Friday, June 22, 2012

Cheers to Hockey Moms

After the season we look forward to leaving the hockey mom vans and SUVs in the driveway for a limo ride to wine country for a day of sampling and unwinding. The hockey mom crew was a little smaller than past years. Guess we had a lot of conflicts with schedules. It may have been a smaller crowd, but the conversation topics were just as plentiful and diverse as the journeys in which we filled a whole bus.
As we piled into the limo, our noses kicked into high sensitivity mode. We all detected it right off the bat Okay, so we're all used to that horrific
stench of our sons moldy hockey bags, but this odor was one that was even harder to stomach, if you can believe that. Somehow you can tolerate a foul odor when it's your own kids, but when it's someone else's, it's not acceptable. Anne pinned it first "It smells like someone got sick last night in this limo." Eeeew!! There was no way we were riding all the way to wine country and sharing our air with the stench of puke. Hockey moms to the rescue. "Hang on girls," Lynn chimed in, " I still got it."
We immediately knew what she was referring to. We were relieved. End of the hockey season, chances are you're out of the must have spray to zap hockey induced odors from your car, making those long tournament treks a lttle easier on the lungs. Lynn saved us. We sprayed the heck out of that limo and with a little mimosa to boot, our ride to wine country was as smooth as a sheet of freshly cut ice! Cheers !
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