Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Neck Guards Can Save Your Neck

Serious neck cuts CAN be avoided by wearing a neck guard, and the proof is in this picture. This is a photo of my son's neck after a clean 18U midget game this weekend. Another player flipped over, feet in the air, and the skate blade went across my son's throat.
I know some of the older kids don't like wearing them, and you may get sick of nagging them....keep nagging! It can be a lifesaver.

Amy Colclough
Baldwinsville Hockey Mom

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  1. My son's neck was also saved by a neck guard a couple of weeks ago. He was in a physical but clean peewee game in Saratoga Springs. Two kids ran into each other and one of the sticks flew up and caught my son in the neck. Though there was no cut, he lost his breathe for just long enough to make me realize it could have been much worse without the neck guard. Ironically, he had been complaining about having to wear it all morning. So glad his coach made him put it back on!