Monday, November 12, 2012

Haunted Hockey Scores with Coaches!

            Coaches Review Haunted Hockey in Lake Placid                       

by Mark Benedetto
CNY Hockey Coach

If you are a youth hockey fan then this book is a must read!
The book is a great continuation and expansion on the first “Puck Hog”, focusing on Eddie who still torments his team mates with his hockey style and personality. The new twist of playing in Lake Placid ups the ante for all the players. The setting is in the “Miracle” town of Lake Placid where hockey dreams are born. I have had the privilege of playing and coaching hockey in Lake Placid on several occasions. The book delves into the ultimate hockey travel destination with all the great on and off ice activities associated with a hockey tournament--playing pond hockey on Mirror Lake, swimming in the hotel pool, visiting the Olympic venues, walking the town and seeing all that there is to offer. It brought back many fond memories of great hockey experiences with my parents, team mates and my sons. If you have never visited Lake Placid for a hockey trip the Puck Hog will take your there!

Another area of the book that hit home with me was the influence of parents on their children. The Puck Hog touches on the negative influences of parental involvement; parent vs. player, parent vs. coach, team mate vs. team mate. Coaching for 15 years I have seen too much of this and the outcomes are never good. Hockey (any sport/activity) is supposed to be fun for the kids; that is the goal!

How does Sophia handle the diversity? Can they win the championship game? Who is Argus? Will Eddie be able to play the game? Read the Puck Hog volume 2 and find out for yourself!

Look who I ran into at the 1980 Rink during my last visit to Lake Placid:

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