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SportsDadHub reviews The Puck Hog

The Puck Hog – A Great Hockey Book For Kids, Parents and Coaches

by Kevin

The Puck Hog is a great hockey book for kids, parents and coaches.
The best animated films and TV shows geared toward kids also have undertones and story lines that keep adults entertained.

Great children’s books are no different. They’re written for kids, but they have lessons, characters and stories that adults can enjoy and sometimes learn from as well.

A book I recently read with my boys (ages 5, 6 and 9) does just that. The Puck Hog is a great hockey book for kids, but parents and coaches can also get a lot out of it. My boys and I really enjoyed reading this book together.

I’m guessing that by now, you’ve figured out that the book is about a puck hog. Eddie is his name and scoring goals and being a bad teammate is his game.

You see, Eddie is a very talented young hockey player with a knack for scoring goals. Despite the fact that all of his goals help the team win a lot of games, his teammates aren’t having any fun. When the team wins, it’s not a team celebration in the locker room. It’s a celebration of how many goals Eddie scored. Even though Eddie leads the league in goals, he is dead last in assists with a big fat zero.

Good Lesson For Sports Parents

My favorite part about this book is the lesson it provides for us sports parents. As it turns out, Eddie is so focused on scoring goals because of the pressure and expectations his dad puts on him. Eddie’s dad rewards him for every goal he scores. And when Eddie struggles to score against a good team, he shouts at him from the stands, putting even more pressure on him.

Good Lesson For Coaches

The kids’ coach is so focused on winning that he doesn’t seem to notice Eddie’s selfish play. As long as his goals are helping the team win, the coach is blind to the fact that Eddie never passes the puck and gets his teammates involved in plays.

It takes Eddie’s teammate Sophia, to teach him the valuable lesson of what it means to be a team player and a leader.
When I asked my boys what they liked the most about The Puck Hog, here are some of the things they said:

My boys like the detailed illustrations.

“It has cool pictures!”
“I don’t like how Eddie acts. He has a bad attitude and doesn’t think about other people’s feelings.”
“I like the pictures because they’re so detailed.”

Even though The Puck Hog is about youth hockey, the lessons you and your child can learn from it relate to any sport. I think you’ll enjoy it!

The Puck Hog is written by Christie Casciano Burns, a TV news anchor in Syracuse, New York and a hockey mom of two.
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