Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hockey. We Must be Crazy.

    Are you counting down the days yet? We're more than halfway through July.  The summer is flying by and our  kids will be hitting the ice before we know it.  I am enjoying the warmth of the sun, the relaxed pace of summer life and the extra family time.  A homecooked meal with all of us at the dinner table is a rarity during the season. Finding no reason to rush anywhere, you can't help but be amazed at how we fit it all in... school, family events,  homework, cooking, cleaning with practices, games, tournaments and fundraisers, and on and on. We truly are families living on the edge during the hockey season. Our non-hockey friends shake their heads in disbelief when they look at us and our jam-packed calendar during the season. Are you crazy they ask? Maybe we are. There's nothing simple or easy about hockey. But looking back, would you have traded a second of it? Tick tock.

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