Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trading Places

                                     Trading Places with Amanda Kessel
                                                    by Sophia Burns
                                                         Age 12 

With 108 goals Amanda Kessel, Olympic
hockey superstar, is living my dream of being a successful woman who has literally
achieved many goals. This 22 year old gutsy hockey player has incredible speed,
skill, style, determination, and with a hockey stick in her hands, can do
things that are amazing and admirable. It would be a thrill for me to stride,
glide, stick handle the puck  in the net
the way she does and make scoring look so easy. As a young hockey player, I
dream of getting to the point where she is now in her hockey career and seeing
all the hard work pay off. I would love to know what that’s like, even for just
a day. I would want to be Amanda Kessel because she is admirable, relatable,
and an inspirational player and person.
            There are many qualities that I
admire about Kessel as an outstanding hockey player. Amanda Kessel also played
on a boys’ team until the age of 15, and had taught me not to be intimidated by
stronger, bigger players. In the Olympics at Sochi, Russia Kessel had 4 goals,
and 6 assists. I was in awe while watching the Olympic hockey games, and the
people who represented our country. Kessel lead her team in many victories and
few loses. The women’s team won a silver medal after a tough lost to Canada in
overtime. Even though Kessel and her team hadn’t won gold I admire her for her
perseverance, passion, and love of the game. She may not be coming home with
the gold, but she has the spirit of a champion

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