Monday, October 20, 2014

Goalie Training Aid (Used in Canada,U.S.A.& Europe)

Hockey Goalie Training  -
by Bob Unger
The importance of goaltending to a hockey team cannot be overstated but, unfortunately, for a variety of reasons the attention paid to the training and development of goalies is typically an afterthought to the team practice. It is not uncommon to see the goalie spending half of the allotted practice time standing still.

As a former goalie, when I began coaching, my focus was ensuring I paid special attention to that critical position. While working with the goalies I was frustrated by my inability to prevent them from constantly backing up into the net instead of challenging shooters in practice sessions. Adding to that frustration was the fact that there were no training aids out there dedicated solely to goalie development. As a result, I realized I’d have to develop my own product to solve the “backing into the net” dilemma. After much development and trial the Goalie Band was created. While its’ initial use was to promote the challenging of the shooter, further drills have been developed to practice handling screen shots and working on reaction time, in addition to drills for shooters. 

As a result of demonstrating the Goalie Band to a number of hockey professionals including, Sean Burke (Phoenix Coyotes Goalie Coach) and Rick St. Croix (Toronto Maple Leafs Goalie Coach), as well as many amateur players of all ages, I have received much positive feedback and interest across North America and Europe. The Goalie Band is currently being used at the Czech International Goalie Camp 2014

For more information on the Goalie Band please visit its web page or see me on Twitter @goalieband
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Bob Unger
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