Wednesday, March 23, 2016


   So my tough little hockey girl, who has been hip-checked, tripped, whacked and punched more than a few times this season is now out for the rest of the season. But it wasn't hockey that got her sidelined. It was during lacrosse practice, doing something she done hundreds of times before. A sudden stop and change in direction. Pop goes the knee and now the lacrosse season, that has only just begun.
    Sophia has a torn meniscus and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. This was a transition time for my girl. She made the lacrosse team and we've got one more big tournament to close out the hockey season. This is the weekend her hockey team travels to Brampton for the world's largest girls hockey tournament. Being sidelined hurts.  No broken bones, but my tender young hockey player's heart is broken. She wanted more than anything to be with the girls, her team, her "crew," and bring home some Canadian hardware.
         She's understandably anxious about the surgery. Will it hurt? Will I be awake for it? Will I be loopy? When can I get back to lacrosse?
      I need to reassure her that "it's not the end of her world" as she texted to her good friend, and that she'll be back on the ice/grass in no time.  I know she will bounce back, physically and emotionally, a lot faster than this sappy mom, who absolutely loves to watch her play. It's such a huge part of our lives. Now we all have to figure out, how to make it less painful, for all of us.


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