Thursday, April 6, 2017

Giving Back is the Greatest Assist Back is 

The Greatest Assist

as seen in USA Hockey Magazine

It was a simple enough request. Could our Bantam boys swing by a nursing home during a tournament in Northern New York, to visit an avid hockey fan?
The hockey aficionado with a long love affair with the fastest game on earth could no longer travel to a rink. She missed the frenetic pace, the end-to-end action, the crunching body checks and the passionate cheering from the stands. Was there any chance our boys could bring the game to her?
Without hesitation, the boys were all in and when our jersey-clad teens proudly walked into her sterile, quiet room. It turned out that it wasn't quiet for long.
Hockey quickly took over the room and the conversation. The N.Y. Rangers, Gordie Howe, Stanley Cup predictions were all part of the non-stop banter. Before their goodbyes, she learned all of the boys' names, their positions and favorite teams.  Read on by clicking on the link above!


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