Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Our season starts in September, but we haven't totally abandoned the rinks for the summer. My kids just finished up the two week Syracuse University Youth Hockey School at the Tennity Ice Pavilian on the SU campus. We've done plenty of summer camps and clinics over the past eight years and we would rank this one right at the top of our list. Head instructor Paul Flanagan, coach of the SU women's hockey team, kept it fun and challenging for the kids. It was just the right mix of on-ice/off-ice skill development with Division 1 players and coaches. The kids had a ball off the ice spiking a volleyball on the court that was a short walk from the rink. They got to take in some hockey-related films and my daughter was introduced to a strength-training program.

It was especially motivating for my daughter when the coach put some of the SU women hockey players on the ice with the kids. They impressed my son too, who said something like, "Wow, they were amazing...those girls can really skate!" Coach Flanagan plans to run another two week school next summer and I'll be sure to post dates and times for everyone. Be prepared however, you may end up having kids who end every sentence with "aye?" Guess having a Canadian coach (Graham Thomas) around you for two weeks can rub off a bit, aye?

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