Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Got Gear? Sell it Here!

What do you mean your new Vapor XXII skates we just bought at the end of the season are too tight? Oh, come on now, you can get by for a few more games. Your feet are blue? Really? Ah yes, the great quandary for the hockey parent forced to face the fact of frequent growth spurts vs. dwindling dollars. Tell me about it. This is far from a cheap sport and how quickly the costs add up once we've suited them up in their skates, elbow pads, helmets, gloves and sticks. Cha ching! We can't help but hope new purchases will at least take them through to the end of the season. But thanks to two local hockey parents, we now have a way of putting some of that hard earned cash back into our pockets and get a price break when it comes to padding up our kids.

Say hello to Open Net Pro Shop, where they "refit your equipment." This a new consignment shop and business venture for a pair of hockey parents. The shop is located inside the Greater Baldwinsville Ice Arena near the front entrance. How does it work? Hockey parents/coaches Jerry Vivlamore and Craig White will have you sign an agreement that lists your gear/prices and offer assistance if you need some help pricing the items. You get 80 percent of the proceeds and they keep 20. Equipment needs to be in good shape and deemed safe for use. They're also offering skate sharpening and new items like mouthguards. You may find the one stop shop for used hockey gear a lot easier than garage sale hopping during those precious jam-packed weekends.

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