Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Playing with Picard

Four days before they make AHL history on the outdoor ice at the Fairgrounds, Crunch players Alexandre Picard, Nick Holden and Brent Regner take time out to skate indoors at the Baldwinsville Ice Arena with our Lysander Bantam boys.

Special thanks to hockey dad Steve Ratliff for making this happen and for capturing these memorable moments on ice.

Love the Stanley Cup group shot!

" Skating with the Syracuse Crunch players today was amazing....it really lifted me up after not making the Sectionals. They seemed excited about their upcoming Outdoor Game, and wanted to know if any of us were going. Being an avid Crunch fan you know I replied YES!! It was really nice for professional hockey players to take the time to skate with our team...they didn't have to, but I am glad they did! Thanks Alex, Brent & Nick, you guys ROCK!"
John Ratliff
Lysander Bantam Travel Team Forward
"Skating with the crunch players was one of the most fun things that we did all year. It was a great experience skating with those guys. Watching some of the moves that they could do was amazing. The way that they can stick handle going full speed was great to see. As soon as we stepped on the ice the fun began. First we did a couple of drills to get Josh warmed up. Then, we did some 2-1 and 3-2's. After that, we did some small ice games. We played 3-3 inside the blue lines and whomever scored 5 goals won and the losers had to do push ups. After the 3-3, we did a shootout. If you scored, you stayed in the next round. Lastly, we did another shootout. If you didn't score, you stay and the last person who didn't score had to pick up the pucks."
Matthew Zandri
Lysander Bantam Travel Team Forward

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