Monday, February 15, 2010

A Weekend of Good Hockey

The caliber of hockey was top-notch this weekend in New Hartford. There were few hooks, trips, slashes and plenty of stiff competition to test the Bantam Travel team's mettle. The team had some setbacks; an illness, an injury, a broken stick and even a broken blade in a game against their toughest opponent. But, with good guidance from good coaches, they had great run at the 2010 Central Section Pre-Sectionals this weekend. They also enjoyed a defining moment with a Valentine's Day victory against the talented Grizzlies. Lysander Lightning players proved they are a good high energy team and when they're playing well, they are truly impressive. They conquered Rome and racked up four solid victories Unfortunately, it was not enough to advance. In a three way tie for first place, it comes down to goal differentials and Lysander came up a goal short. Heartbreaking, but it's all part of the youth hockey experience. Not every game goes the way you want it to, so you learn how to positively accept adversity. Learn and grow. The season is far from over and no need to feel disappointed. Time now to look ahead to lighting the lamp in Lake Placid!

Action-filled games. An opportunity to win with humility and deal with adversity.

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