Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Like so many of us, Cheryl Field and her husband found themselves involved in a lot of fundraising efforts to keep their two travel hockey sons in gear, on the ice, on the road and in hotels. She recalls selling lots of products that were not very memorable, buying enough coupon books that would light a good size campfire, and handling way too many sticky soda bottles and cans. What hockey parent hasn't been there and done that? But when their older son, Ken Field, expressed interest in teaching skating and stickhandling skills in what became his company, Skating Dynamics, Inc, the Fields were troubled to see so many hockey associations and teams wanting to hire Ken to work with their skaters, but unable to make the financial committment. After a bit of brainstorming, Cheryl's husband decided to create a fundraising vehicle that would be easy to do, have a hockey theme, be imaginative and help teams earn some profit. Now you know the story behind the birth of the Field Candy Company from Marquette, Michigan.

He orginally created four hockey themed candies: Fudgie Puck (with and without nuts), Rink Bar (with and without nuts), Sticky Tape Taffy (salt water taffy), and Top Shelf Peanut Butter Bars. The item that seems to be most popular is the Fudgie Puck. Cheryl says, " It is the same size as a regulation puck (3 inches in diameter and one inch thick), but tastes a whole lot better! My husband had great fun coming up with the names of the candies. Be careful with the pronounciation - bet you can't say Fudgie Puck ten times without getting into trouble!"

Cheryl, I won't take you up on that challenge, but when it comes to the challenge of raising money, it sure is nice to see some new options for keeping our teams financially fueled during the long and expensive season. The company has two websites; http://www.fudgiepuck.com/ and http://www.hockeycandy.com/

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