Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hockey already? Yup

Split Season Team, means the Season Starts Early
It's still August, at least last time I checked the calender. But here we are, on a late- summer weekend getting directions to a rink, checking gear and putting laundry and grocery shopping on hold. My son is on what's called a "split season " team this year. Why start so early? Yes, that's the question I needed answered too.

This is all new to me, and the explanation makes sense. The split season team schedule revolves around high school hockey. The team breaks when high school hockey starts in November, and picks up again when high school ends in February. Split season starts early, and ends late. (Sigh)
Admittedly, it was difficult to dig the jackets and rink blanket out of the closet. I couldn't bring myself to wear socks though. Paid the price. My toes froze. I'm okay with that because I am not breaking my steadfast rule of no socks before September. No way. Those heavy sock-wearing, glove-and scarf-bearing days are just around the corner. They last oh so much longer than our carefree sandal wearing days of summer. I'm holding out, even if that means the feet freeze. Brave hockey mom, or just stupidly stubborn?
Always looking for the silver lining, I did find one. I think we can better handle one team at a time per kid. We must have lost our minds last year, letting him play on two teams at the same time, high school and a Bantam travel team. It was...nuts! Although my son seemed to balance it all in stride, I think physically it can take a toll on a young athlete's body, not to mention the toll it takes on time-challenged parents.

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