Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just when you thought your quarters were safe...

After a few weeks being away from the rinks this past month, I finally built up my quarter supply in my purse.  It's always nice have them handy to feed the downtown parking meter, pay the thruway toll or slip one into the grocery cart slot at Aldi's. During the winter months, I'm usually quarter-less.  My little one can't resist the lure of the gumball machine, especially the ones packed with those little collectible monkeys. By now she must possess every monkey ever made, along with those little bouncy balls.  They turn up in the oddest places. I found one in my shoe the other day.  My least favorite "prize" are those icky sticky hands.  I found on the ceiling one time. Now, I did cut her off mid-season, not that it stopped her from begging.  With a new season starting I thought, we've got to be past that by now.  By now, there's nothing new in those machines, so my quarters are safe from being snatched by little hands.  Silly me.  Now they've got silly bands.  

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