Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heartwarming Tribute On The Ice

Hats off to the Fulton Squirts hockey team,  honoring a teammate's father who left with the 44th Unit engineer company, Fort Ontario Reserve Center for Afghanistan. 

Before their hockey game against Midstate, Sunday, January 29th the Fulton Squirts took to home ice to honor Army Sergeant and the father of one of their teammates, Sergeant Rob Doran, who is now currently on active duty in Afghanistan. Sergeant Doran serves with the 444th Unit Engineer Company, U.S. Army Reserve Center, Fort Ontario. Doran’s Unit was deployed for active duty on February 2nd to serve in Afghanistan.

Before their warm-up the team and their coaches called Sergeant Doran to the ice for the playing of the National Anthem. After, with the crowd still on their feet, the team, all sporting yellow tape on their hockey sticks in homage to Doran, surrounded the sergeant in a circle as they tapped their stick on the ice. Simultaneously it was announced over the PA system that the team would wear the yellow tape on their sticks for the rest of the season in Doran’s honor and with the hopes for his safe return home. The tribute ceremony drew a massive round of applause from both the home and visiting crowd.

After Doran performed a ceremonial puck drop he took an honored spot on the coaches bench to witness his son Noah Delaney’s last hockey game before his deployment.

Todd A. Shear

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