Monday, March 12, 2012

Her 1st First Place Trophy

Snowbelt Hockey League
2012 Squirt Playoff Champs  

We are all so proud of these kids.  They struggled a lot during the season.  But something sizzled inside each and every one of them this weekend at the JAM tournament in Clayton/Alex Bay.  They had to battle every shift, and every game.  The best part of all was watching them work as a team. There were no superstars.  No puck hogs. They passed, looked out  for each other, and had the time of their lives.  I will always look back at this weekend and remember their crazy, joyful celebration at the end of the final game when it hit them.  They won. They won the championship!  They did it!  They did it as a team.  Congrats kids!     

Patience, practice and perseverance are strong qualities needed to tackle life's experiences from schoolwork to sports   

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