Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Day with the Stanley Cup


                           OUR DAY WITH THE CUP
                                                                                        by Todd A. Shear
                                                                                               hockey dad

This past Sunday I got the extreme honor of spending the day with the Stanley Cup, one deserving young man, all of his teammates, friends and family that he chose to share his day with. I felt extremely honored to take part in this special day and to live that special moment with my own son and everyone else that had the honor to be there as well.


My son's friend and teammate, Noah Delaney, entered a contest and wrote an inspiring story about what spending a day with the Stanley Cup would mean to him. His story was all about his father, who is serving his country overseas, and the bond they have through hockey. Being the father of a hockey player I know that bond very well. My sons love of the game has given me a love of the game that I never knew was there and many joyful hours in a an extremely cold ice rink, yes I said joyful :) watching him practice and play the sport he loves so well. But this day was even more special for everyone involved. To be able to see and touch, yes some got to touch, the holy grail for hockey players and fans: The Stanley Cup, was priceless to witness and take part of.


Noah and the entire team had smiles on their faces that couldn't be erased. I overheard more than one of Noahs teammates say that "This is the best day of my life!" The event was extremely well done by Discover Card and everyone involved extremely accomodating and helpful. A top notch event pulled off for all! What an honor. What a priveledge. What a great day and great young man for sharing his special day! This is a day Noah, his teammates and I will never forget!

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