Sunday, May 6, 2012

A day with The Cup

From "the hockey blog kid"

Today I spent the day with the Stanley Cup! I was able to see The Stanley Cup, because my friend Noah entered a contest with his amazing essay about wanting to win for his dad and all the soldiers overseas, It was not easy for Noah and his mom when his dad was sent overseas for our country. He got a lot of help from his teammates. His hockey team sounds a lot like mine and I think that's one of the really cool things about hockey kids. We help each other out. Noah won the contest, thanks to Discover card .He won out of 850 people all across the country! Congrats Noah!

This is something I definitely would like to do again. There are a lot of things that I had no idea about the Stanley Cup. So I had the chance to ask the keeper of the Cup. THE keeper of The Cup! How cool is that??!! He told me how every 13 years they take the top of the Cup and put it in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada . That is so there is more room on the Cup so they can add more names. I was wondering how all those names could fit!

Also they have a name crossed out on the Cup because the person who made it put his father's name on the Cup which he is not allowed.

In this picture Noah and I are standing in front of care packages that are going to be sent to soldiers overseas. I hope Noah's dad gets one so he knows we all are thinking about him and hoping he comes home soon. I hope he'll be home for all of the rest of Noah's hockey seasons!

Phil Pritchard is the Keeper of The Cup!

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