Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tip for Team Dinners Out

      It helps to plan. It's no fun showing up announced with a crowd of parents, siblings and sixteen sweaty hockey players. Especially when you're out of town, between games, and pressed for time.  Hats off to our coach this weekend who called a few days before our double matchup in Glens Falls. He secured a room at a restaurant with a reputation for good food and being very accommodating.

   We were seated as soon as we arrived, giving all of us parents chance to warm our chilled bones and giving the players a chance to heat up the Foosball table and do a little off- ice team bonding.


    We ordered off the menu with separate checks using  our player's jersey number. This allowed our players, parents and siblings to sit at different tables. It also cut down on the time waiting to figure out who owes what.

                         So we all got back to the rink in plenty of time for our second game.

                                                     Which ended in another tie. Sigh.

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