Sunday, October 25, 2009

When in Rome....

Our Bantam boys team had yet another good hockey weekend. Now with six wins in a row, they also had an interesting Sunday afternoon playing a very talented girl's team. Going into today's scrimmage with the Lysander U-16 girls team, the boys mistakenly thought the game would be a cakewalk. But the girls proved them wrong and both teams worked hard the whole game. While there wasn't supposed to be any checking, I'm told the girls found a way to "bump into" a few boys. Good for them!

The morning matchup with Rome was a real nail biter. At least for me it was. (I'll book an appointment with my salon first thing in the morning). The teams were very evenly matched and both goalies were outstanding. After trailing much of the game, our boys battled back for an exciting 3-2 victory that had everyone in the stands buzzing and remarking on that's how hockey at this age ought to be played. Very few penalites. Good clean hockey.
Good memories.

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