Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kicking Off The Season

I’ll use my son’s current favorite word to describe how the team was feeling going into the first game of their first tournament today; “sketchy.” Understandable, considering the first game they played two weeks ago in Rochester was rather painful. The Rochester Red Wings were red hot and our one sided affair served us a good dose of humble pie. We had a much better taste in our mouths after this morning’s matchup. We got to enjoy the sweet taste of victory in game one of the Blazers shootout tournament at the Cicero Twin Rinks (not to mention the deliciously scrumptious chicken BBQ put on by the hockey moms and dads).

On the ice, my son tells me the team seemed to really gel. Passing, shooting, scoring and it all seemed to flow. The best part of all? It was fun. I think we sometimes forget how important that is and how that still needs to be part of the youth hockey experience, even when in the more competitve stages of Pee Wee and Bantam. Remember how that's ALL it was about when the kids were mites? Ah, the good 'ole days....

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