Sunday, October 18, 2009

Let the "Fun"draising Begin

Time to put on our thinking caps, roll up our sleeves and put our best fundraising feet forward so our kids can enjoy a few tournaments and have a memorable season. Ugh. It's always a struggle, isn't it? Youth hockey teams looking for a way to raise money with just a little planning and not a lot of work, may want to consider giving the "Fleece Hat Lady" a call. I met Nancy Townsend today at the Skaneateles Ice Arena where she was selling funky fun hockey fleece hats (pictured above) for 5 dollars, along with neck-to nose warmers and matching mittens. They come in a variety of colors and she has other sports-themed hats as well. Nancy says if you let her set up a booth at your game/tournament event, she will donate a percentage of her profits to your team.
Nancy, from Oswego, can be reached at 315-342-0815,or e-mail
Hats off to Nancy!

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