Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Faster than a speeding puck it's... Hockey Mom!

For weeks, I've been encouraging...okay..nagging... other hockey moms to contribute to the blog and share thoughts, feelings and experiences. Hooray, someone took me seriously and I'm excited to post the first contribution. Read, enjoy and

The Power of Hockey Moms
by Tammie Vivlamore

Look around any rink and chances are the moms who are cheering in the stands are saving some of those cheers for their other children who aren't battling it out on the ice. It's a delicate balancing act for many hockey moms, who have to juggle their time and schedules around more than one child. If the other children do play hockey, Murphy's law would have it they are not on the same team, let alone in the same age division. Who could be so lucky? It’s a pretty safe bet too, that your other children have other activities that no doubt collide like a body check and conflict with scheduled hockey practice and games.


While we are no doubt a resourceful bunch, I bet there are times when you wish could strap on a long, bright red cape with SHM (Super Hockey Mom) emblazoned on the back. While we're at it, how about if we could accrue a few superpowers? Just imagine how much easier our lives would be with X-ray vision to find that piece of equipment you know is buried somewhere in the bag, under the bed or living room couch. Aren't there times when you yearn for a dose of super strength to carry the overstuffed bag and half asleep child into the rink for that early morning practice or game? But most importantly, the most sought after power would be the ability to multiply! To do 50 things at once and be in three places at the same time, would keep us at least half sane... I think. Oh, let's face it, snap out of it! Only a really good comic book author or illustrator can make that happen.

What hockey moms already have that even the most organized and dedicated could not do without are other hockey moms. No one but a hockey mom understands the value of another good hockey mom. Lysander, as I'm sure is the case with other youth hockey organizations, is blessed to have so many.
We all live hectic lives and try hard to balance hockey with other commitments like work, school, scouts and concerts. Sometimes those other things conflict and limit the ability to get your child to practice or games. Sometimes you have to leave early to get another child to their destination. Sometimes the other children just don’t want to be at the ice rink and they're not shy about letting everyone at the rink know how they feel.
When these things happen, another hockey mom can be a savior. Another hockey mom will step in and help get things done. We hockey moms need each other. Hockey moms have a greater value than moms from any other sport. They spend so much time together, their families intertwine. They really get to know each other and each others kids. Of course, how many other sports last six months and send even their youngest players to stay in hotels and play in rinks throughout the US and Canada?

Hockey moms cheer together when the kids do well. Hockey moms yell together when yelling is in order. Hockey moms sit together to try to warm up in a freezing cold rink. Hockey moms stand together when one of their own is down on the ice hurt.
Hockey moms are not pit bulls. Hockey moms are a band of sisters. They are strong, smart, dedicated, beautiful and deserve to be represented that way.
The next time you are in a bind and think you could really use X-Ray vision or super human strength, look around and think about how lucky you are to already have the super power of your team’s hockey moms on and at your side.


  1. Tammie,
    You summed up so well what we're really all about. I hope we hear from other hockey parents to keep the dialogue going and our spirit strong!