Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Miracle on Ice

You can't help but feel pure joy when you watch young Chris Speelman take to the ice. Now that's he is healthy and that terrifying scare is behind him and his parents, it's a little easier for them to talk about how Chris beat some very long odds. It's a story that will be shared with audiences nationwide on the Animal Planet show called :Monsters Inside Me. The monster inside Chris was a parasite (Acanthamoeba) that caused him to lapse into a coma for 17 days. The Animal Planet crew was at the rink this week, videotaping Chris during hockey practice and their next day shoot took them to University Hospital for interviews and a reenactment of his battle for survival.
It was an anxious time for our tight-knit hockey community and our prayers were with Chris and his family the entire time. His mom and dad hope the story will help raise awareness for other parents. We are so grateful for the happy ending. NewsChannel 9's Jeff Kulikowsky caught up with the Animal Planet crew during part of their taping. Check out Jeff's story here!

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  1. Thanks Christie for passing along this valuable information and creating an awareness.

    I just saw a similar story on MSNBC's Medical Mysteries. Susannah Cahalan suffered from anti-nmdar Encephalatis.