Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh Canada!

As we headed out early Saturday morning to our 2nd hockey game of the tournament in Brockville, Canada, I thought "for sure" my 8 year old mite would be moody and miserable. But to my surprise, her late night of hotel romping and knee hockey with her teammates did not take a terrible toll. Just the opposite. Halfway to the rink, she so eagerly announced in the backseat of our SUV, " This place makes me so happy." The air temperature was zero and the windchill made if feel like 15 below, but at that moment, hearing those words, just made me melt. I said to myself, yes, this is why we do it. Her first Canadian hockey tournament, her first border crossing and she was in complete awe, absorbing and loving every minute of her weekend experience. She tallied lots of great memories on and off the ice.


It's so much easier to score with a stick!


Waitress at Nan's fascinated by the hockey team Nintendo DSI convention at the diner.

How Did They Do?
They played their little hearts out for that championship trophy and that final game was one of the most exciting ones they've played and we've watched to date. They way out shot the other team but unfortunately, just couldn't get a shot past the other team's brick wall. 2ND place, in a Canadian tournament, in my opinion is awesome! The kids just didn't see it that way and you couldn't feel even an ounce of excitement in the locker room after that last game. Long faces, tears and my daughter was no exception. I thought she played a really good game. One of her best yet. I was expecting at least half a smile from my little girl for being named MVP. Nope. Big tears. She had her eye on the big prize and she wanted to share a total victory with her team.
MVP or MVU (most visibly upset?)
I told her how I couldn't have been any prouder of her and every player on her team. The way they played, passed, looked out for each other, were there for each other and never gave up. The silence in the locker room spoke volumes. On our trip home, as we got talking and we looked back at the fun we had over the weekend, her solemn mood quickly changed. She took her second place plaque out of its box and gripped it tightly in her small hands, realizing they won so much more than some first place hardware this weekend. She'll be holding on to those memories for a very long time.

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  1. Keith and I are so sad we missed it. watch out Pepsi, were going for gold!