Friday, December 10, 2010

4th grader Reviews The Puck Hog

by Jamie Howard
    (4th grade student and hockey player)
  The Puck Hog, by Christie Casciano, is about a teammate who will not pass the puck.  He always scores a goal.  At first, the team thought it was awesome.  But then they started to stop cheering for him.  They took him to the Crunch game to see if a little Crunch magic would help him get into passing.  The next game they faced the Thunder Birds.  The coach said, " We need a captain."
  The game felt longer than it was.  It was tied 2 to 2 with 2 minutes left.  Sophia got the puck from the face-off; she skated up to the net when a big defenseman came towards her.  She passed to Eddie and he took a shot.  He scored a goal.  Sophia taught Eddie to pass.

   Nice job Jamie!  Jamie 's review was published in his school's newsletter shortly after my visit to his classroom. Jamie's on my daughter's hockey team, and was on the mite team the year I wrote the book.  He's a great little hockey player, with good character!  Below are a few of the many handwritten ( and well-written) thank you letters I've been receiving from school kids.  I love 
the art work, especially the drawings that make me look 30 years younger! 

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