Friday, October 14, 2011

The Cutest Kindergarten Kids

    Why do you wear all that stuff when you play hockey?  How old were you when you started playing?  Do you get scared when you fall?  Do you have any other girls on your team?  The curious little kindergarten kids at the Syracuse Academy of Science had an abundance of questions for my 10 year old hockey player.  Sophia was eager to share her knowledge, and talk about her experiences which shaped the story of The Puck Hog. 
   We had to laugh when we pulled out the knee hockey sticks and asked for two volunteers to demonstrate a tape to tape pass.  When I handed the stick to the little girl we had chosen, she asked, " What do I do with this? " No clue how to hold it.  No clue, really, what it was.  Sophia showed her how to hold the stick and handle the puck, and to our amazement, the demure little lady, whacked that puck clear across the room! Bam!
   Most of the kids weren't familiar with the terms, the game, or the ice.  But they got the message.  Even at the tender age of five, they've had dealings with selfish Eddie types, who only think of themselves. On the playground, in the classroom and in their neighborhoods. When asked for examples of what they could do to be good team players, the answers came, rapid fire.  Pick up papers on the ground, say something nice to someone having a bad day, be quiet for the teacher.  One little girl raised her hand, begging me to call on her.  "I know!  I know!"
   "Great, " I said, " Let's hear!"
She smiled from ear to ear, and stood up to proudly say.....drumroll please.... "All you got to do, is ....PASS THE PUCK!"    

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