Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reading and Scoring at Minetto Elementary School

     My school presentations have certainly evolved since the first one, one year ago. I started off just reading a few chapters of The Puck Hog to a single classroom of about 20 students, to now doing entire school assemblies with hockey demonstrations, deep discussions about teamwork and the rewards of unselfish acts. I've been to Little Falls, Red Creek, Trumansburg, Skaneateles, Liverpool and some 30 other schools throughout Onondaga County. I've treasured every visit!
     Today I delivered a presentation to 250 very enthusiastic students, K-2, at Minetto Elementary School in Oswego County. Great kids! Sitting on the carpeted library floor, they listened intently and shared their own stories about unfair play. When it came time to share a few chapters of The Puck Hog, they hung on every word.  Author scores!
    I always enjoy the Q &A sessions at the end of the presentations and I've learned to be prepared to answer anything and everything. Sometimes the questions have nothing to do with reading, writing, being an author, being on television or hockey. ( I'll save that for another post)
Minetto Elementary joins The Puck Hog Team
    My favorite moment of the day, came not in the form of a question, but more along the lines of a comment.  I called on a boy who politely raised his hand and then so matter-of -factly made the statement,  " I got a connection, you know."  "A connection?" I asked, thinking maybe he knows someone on Sophia's hockey team, or one of my relatives, or perhaps plays hockey. He then went on to explain he has been to Syracuse Crunch hockey games, plays NHL hockey video games, and he liked my story very much. Then came his big smile, and I felt the connection.


  1. Christie,
    Thank you so much for coming to Minetto Elementary today. Everyone enjoyed your presentation and your message. This afternoon all of the children got together and wrote with their reading/writing buddies what they feel is important about reading with their buddy. We then celebrated in the gym and toasted our writing with chocolate chip cookies. We now have a new motto: "Read more and score!"
    Doreen Bednarski
    Minetto Elementary School

  2. Thanks Doreen! In this digital age, we need to do all we can to make sure their creative talents don't fade to black.