Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Win a copy of The Puck Hog with USA Hockey!

52 Weeks of Winners! - Week 21 - Player's Bench & The Puck Hog

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Double Prize Week: TWO Chances to WIN

• Simply log in and click on the respective "Enter" buttons to be entered into a drawing to win a great prize from Player's Bench! and a fantastic children's book The Puck Hog!
• Children will enjoy skating along on an emotional journey with a tight-knit group of youth hockey players. Their goal is to be the best in their league, but their biggest challenge isn’t an opposing team.
The source of their anger, frustration and disappointment is a mouthy, self-serving teammate. The Puck Hog, an early reader chapter book, encourages the values of fair play, playing together as a team, playing hard and having fun! Now available at

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